Wi Technologies relies heavily on the quality of its IT support technicians and high-level system administrators.
Wi Travel and Tour brings to your doorstep, our exceptional expertise in finding the best price, the best provider and the best offer available to make your travel


At Wi Energy, we look at optimizing the selling price of crude oil. In view of this, we do not hesitate to share our trading networks with our customers.
As quality and class are deeply embodied in our culture as Wi Supply & Press so does it reflect on the type of products and services we provide our customers.


to be the most creative, diverse, transparent and accountable holding company that seeks to transform ideas into reality.




Founded in 2004, Wi Tech Group (WTG) has acted as a principal in hundreds of acquisitions and other investments either directly or through its portfolio companies, with transaction sizes ranging from $100,000 to $15 million. Our current portfolio of operating partnerships spans multiple industries, with each company being strategically guided by its owner-managers.

The "common thread" in our approach however, is not industry, but rather the caliber of individuals with whom we are privileged to affiliate. We are long-term investors and generally sell holdings only when our management partners propose to do so. With offices in Ghana and affiliates around the Continent, WTG draws its members from backgrounds in operating businesses and various professions. Wi Tech Group is the leading Ghanaian investment portfolio management company.



We believe in a sustainable world that relies on clean viable energy. We provide present solutions and have interest in new and innovative renewable energy solutions.

  • Bulk Oil Distribution
  • Bulk Oil Storage
  • Oil & Gas Consultancy
  • Solar Farms
  • Domestic Solar Installations
  • Bio Gas Installations


Finance is at the core of business operations and it is important that we consider its efective on SME and how to establish them beyound the challenges they encounter day to day.

  • Micro Lending
  • Investment Management
  • Capital Financing
  • Savings & Loans


Our core mandate is to develop business around a foundation of technology allowing us to grow and manage interests through a fluid system of control ensuring capcaity to deliver.

  • Technology
  • Print and Design
  • Tech & Supplies


Other interest we have are in industries of a non specific nature. We have found tremendous success in developing startups with potential to become great.

  • Real Estate & Properties
  • General Supplies
  • Travel & Tours
  • Industry & Manufacturing
  • Recruitment & HR

planning & strategy

Appropriately productivate distributed infrastructures for one-to-one expertise.

design & develop

Credibly develop cross functional internal or "organic" sources vis-a-vis magnetic e-services.

test & deliver

Continually promote empowered resources for professional manufactured products.

Our investors and strategic partners believe in our Operating Principles, and they are used to levels of trust and accountability that are a hallmark of our brand

With over $28 Million Dollars in Local investments managed directly with a structured reporting system, our Investors are confident we above board at all.


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...transforming ideas into reality